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Artist Statement

My artwork is focused on exploring the relationship between form, color, and composition in a way that challenges the viewer's perception. I achieve this by selecting unexpected subjects to photograph, such as a roof, plexiglass, plastic bags, or even an orange rind on a lunch table. Although I highlight the texture and color of these objects, the form is deliberately obscured to create an element of mystery and confusion.


To further explore the interaction between color, light, and reflections, I employ various strategies in my work. In some pieces, I use collage techniques to extract and compile content from vintage magazines, particularly focusing on women's roles and the ideal relationships of the time. I then create photograms from these collages, and even produce books with different themes and sizes.


In other works, I delve into color theory using CYMK and RGB. I often experiment with pulling colors together using their reflections, creating interactive pieces that engage the viewer on multiple levels. In contrast, I sometimes separate the colors to highlight the important members of CYMK individually, before bringing them together in a complete photo. One such piece is printed on acetate, which lends it a unique luminosity and translucency.


Overall, my goal as an artist is to push the boundaries of what is expected and challenge the viewer to question their perceptions of form, color, and composition.

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